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Luna Crumbs


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Strain: Luna Crumbs
Lineage: Girls Scout Cookie(KeyLime Pie Cut) x MoonRocker f1 male
(MoonRocker = SFV OG kush x DPD x Caramel)
DPD=Double purple Doja f3
Caramel= Chem 91 x Butterscotch Hawaiian
Flower time: 58-65 days
Yields: Heavy
This bundle of joy grows incredible frosty and potent buds with unique flavors ranging from candy, pine, and danky musk. Slightly fruity on one pheno.
She can be a slight Nitrogen hog and loves the organic teas. I have not seen her grown using any nutes, so no info on feeding with them. She did very well indoors and great Outdoors here on the Oregon coast with a harvest at the end of Sept- beginning Oct.

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