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Horn Dawg OG


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Collaboration Project #1
I was gifted some of Dank Genetics Finest to search for anything that interested me and given permission to work with the gear. My first choice was the Dawg Fighter: Perental Linage : Lemon Alien Dawg X Tres Star Dawg
Indoor flowering time : 65 days
Indica to sativa : 40% / 60%
Yield : medium dank
Flavour : Skunky Chemmy Lemon Kush
Smell : for those of you that love that chemmy lemon dank as much as we do you wont want to miss out on this one the loudest chemy lemonaid flavour youve ever encountered
And I used my Male Black Rhino which is:
Strain: BLACK RHINO f1
Blue Rhino 1947 f1 x Black Durban male
Breeder: GreenMan
Potency and Pain relief, This one seems to help almost all ailments tested on. With a big array of flavors and smells, This Poly Hybrid packs a huge kick to any pain.
(Blue Rhino 1947 is originally bred by the rev and consist of multiple strains. Blueberry=Blue, White Rhino=Rhino, Peak 19= 19, AK-47= 47)
The results of this cross are incredible, The flavors and smells are a combo of many and very unique which is what I love. The high is a harder hitting thump but if intake is watched you will not be a drooling pile in the corner, but you will want to eat everything in the house. lol
I can say that Dank has nothing but Fire, so this is a win, win selection.

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